>Ceramic Paint Coating Application
 This application creates a strong durable ceramic protection that bonds to your paint to protect from bug etchings, bird droppings, other environmental contaminants. Exceptional glossy, hydrophobic  finish  that lasts up to 4 years.
Far superior to sealants and waxes that only last 2-6 months. I apply two coats for added protection.    Call For Pricing

>Glass  Coating Application
 This application creates an ultra-hydrophobic barrier on your glass. It improves visability in inclement weather, insects are removed effortlessly,glare is reduced, and ice-road grime become much easier to remove. 3 year Warranty and maintenance reminders included. 
                Call For Pricing
>Engine Cleaning And Dressing $45 

>Steam Clean Interior starts at $70
(If Pittsburgh Detail is purchased.) 

Stand alone interior call for pricing
    size as well as condition effects price

>Paint Polishing   (call for pricing)
removes swirls/scratches/oxidation  
returns  paint to mirror finish
>Clay Bar Applied to Paint     $45
(removes contaminants in paint that car washing does not remove)                 

>Odor Removal Application      $70
 (DrivePur Protection System)
      Drivepur is an environmentally friendly
water-based solution which when applied 
forms an invisible, long lasting coating that
actively protects surfaces from the build up
of organic matter. Drivepur works rapidly
to naturally decompose all odors.

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